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Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/Okamoto Keito
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 960
Summary: A barmaid reached across the counter giving the other man his food. When he reached for it, the sleeves of his shirt brushed back revealing dark tattoos. The marks interweaved seemingly floating against his skin, the patterns shimmering in the low light. Hikaru’s eyes followed them up the arm to the stranger’s neck where the patterns tickled the edge of his collar.
Notes: Finished this story yesterday, and got it back quicker from my beta than expected. So I figured why not sooner than later? This brings the conclusion to the story. I hope everyone enjoys the ending!

One Year Later


“Hikaru, what did you do?”

“Nothing. I didn’t do anything.”

“People don’t get arrested over nothing,” Yabu huffed. He played with the chain that cuffed his wrists together.

They were sitting in a cold, damp cell, Yabu lying on the bunk as Hikaru curled himself into a ball on the floor. Water dropped from someplace on the ceiling, the drops irritating Hikaru’s ears the more time passed. It was a small, cramped place, maybe only meant for one person, but whoever captured them decided they were better together than separate.

They had tried to magic their way out, casting a small unlocking spell to free themselves from their cuffs, but Yabu’s magic was stopped. Whoever had captured them had prepared the cuffs in advance for them specifically.

“Maybe it was you,” Hikaru said. The cold floor of the cell was starting to freeze his butt the longer he sat there. “I’ve told you before. This far south people don’t appreciate mages as much in the north. You must have spelled something away from an undercover royal.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Yabu said, rolling his eyes. “I haven’t so much as touched my magic. This is what you get for wanting to seek out that crazy seer and see the ocean.”

A new guardsman that entered the jail stopped their conversation, the symbol on his chest familiar but still foreign to Hikaru: a pair of doves on an ivory sky. He unlocked their cell and grabbed Hikaru, pulling him from the musky domain and leaving Yabu behind.

The guardsman pushed Hikaru through the halls if he walked too slowly. He nearly fell several times, but caught himself on the rough stone walls before scrambling forward once more.

He was in trouble. He knew it. The rough handling was a definite sign, and he was certain that wherever he was being brought was going to be his final resting place. He had lived a good life, one he wasn’t proud of but a good life. His regrets outweighed the good in the world, but he would stand tall and fight against his predestined fate.

Hikaru was led to a room with a roaring fire, the sole occupant sitting in a large chair and facing away from him and towards a crackling fire.

“Listen,” Hikaru stuttered as the guardsmen took hold of his wrists. “I don’t know what we’ve done, but we’ll pay for it. We’ll do whatever you want. Just let us go free.”

The guardsman reached into his pocket, and Hikaru flung out his words as quickly as he could.

“We’ll swear fealty to you,” he continued. “I apprenticed at the royal kitchens. I can cook for you. My friend is a powerful mage, and he’ll protect you. Just please don’t kill us.”

With a small clink, the cuffs fell away, and the guardsman was gone as quickly as he came.

Hikaru couldn’t move. He didn’t understand anything. He had been prepared to beg for his life, to avoid death. What was going on?

The other man in the room stood and adjusted his embroidered jacket before he spoke. “I don’t think it’s fair,” he said, turning to face Hikaru, “how you left without a goodbye, Hikaru.”

His hair was longer since they last met, returning back to the shaggy length. It hid those beautiful dimples that Hikaru had come to love during their long journey.

“I always felt like a piece of me was missing,” he continued, crossing the room one foot in front of the other to where Hikaru stood. “Like my mind was crying out to remember something it had forgotten, as if someone had left out a few details by choice.”

“So you did something to fix that?” Hikaru asked.

“Of course,” the other man laughed. “I had a new, powerful mage friend who was able to crack open the spell that was placed on me, so all of my memories came flooding back.” He ran his hands down the front of Hikaru’s own tunic. “You can imagine my disappointment when I realized one of the people I cared about most left without saying goodbye.”

“I can,” Hikaru said. He couldn’t breathe. Not with his vision swimming before his very eyes. “So you remember everything, Keito?”

“I do,” his breath was hot on Hikaru’s face, “and I remember someone telling me to think of my happiness, so I came to seek it out."

His lips were everything Hikaru wished them to be and more. His arms pulled him into a deep embrace, snaking around his body and pulling every excuse from his mind of why this couldn’t happen.

Hikaru had to be dreaming, but the way that Keito’s body felt against his, how his hands wrapped around his biceps, pulling him closer, it couldn’t be fake. His heart wanted to burst from everything, unable to contain his emotions. Keito was real, standing before him.

“Are you sure?” Hikaru asked when they broke away, his forehead resting on Keito’s.

“I am,” Keito said, his smile far more beautiful this close up. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

He wanted to claim those lips once more, to make them his own. He wanted to see the hidden expanse of Keito’s body, and to map all of the ridges and valleys of it, but one thing pulled at Hikaru’s mind.

“Shouldn't we get Yabu?” he asked. His feather light touch grazed Keito’s skin.

“He can wait,” Keito said. His hands desperately grabbed for Hikaru. “I need you now.”

He pulled Keito in for another kiss, lips meeting as if they were meant to be together. Hands tugged at clothing, removing it from the other as their hearts melded into one.

Yabu could wait. Hikaru needed this more.

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